Fresh Consulting

I was recently tasked with the development of my company’s new website. My own touches on the final design are in the various animations. The site uses isotope for the filterable grid-based layout, and has a pretty extensive tagging system so we can associate projects, technologies, blog articles and team members. One thing I’m nost proud of on this site are the unique stepped and natural language forms.

Bootstrap,  HTML,  Javascript,  jQuery,  PHP,  Responsive,  SASS,  Wordpress

The Gottman Institute

We recently took over all web development for The Gottman Institute, a well-known, Seattle-based institute for couples and marriage therapy and counseling. My part was in overhauling the eCommerce portion of the site. I was dev lead on the team that migrated all products, 20,000 customers and 26,000 orders over to a new eCommerce system that is easier to manage, and most importantly, easier to buy stuff on.

eCommerce,  HTML,  Javascript,  PHP,  Responsive,  SASS,  Wordpress

Washington Federal Bank

One of my largest projects of 2015 was a new website for Washington Federal Bank. It was a big, full featured site for a big company. There were a lot of challenges with third party integration, .NET development and a new content management system – Sitefinity. I put a lot of project management and front end dev work into this one.

HTML,  Javascript,  jQuery,  LESS,  Responsive,  Sitefinity


Want to know what breweries are in Seattle? Check out this app I made! I’ll add more features as I work more on it, but for now it’s just a resource. Search for a brewery by name or address, check everything out on a map, find breweries closest to your location, and get directions! Get informed and have some Seattle beer! Let me know if you have any feature requests.

AngularJS,  Bootstrap,  CSS,  Design,  HTML,  LESS,  Responsive

AngularJS Checkbook

I wanted to make my own Angular application, and had a need to coordinate the checkbook between my wife and I, so this project was born. It is a full CRUD application that lets us log in securely with WordPress, and create, read, update and delete transactions. We can search by description, amount, date and tag. In addition, I built a little tracker to look at loan amounts with bar graphs. We can also use it easily from our phones.

AngularJS,  Bootstrap,  Design,  HTML,  LESS,  MySQL,  Responsive

Tempered Networks

Tempered Networks is a ‘military grade’ technology security firm that uses a unique technology to secure communications between automated processes in a given system like a automobile construction plant for example. They encrypt the communications between the controller and the robot on the line, and communication between that robot and the other robots. Cool stuff. I acted as dev lead with another developer.

Bootstrap,  HTML,  Javascript,  jQuery,  LESS,  PHP,  Responsive,  Wordpress

Caris Life Sciences

Because of my work on UW Medicine’s Boeing ACN site, I was asked for by name for a new project for Dallas based Caris Life Sciences. We did a whole site redesign and reorganization with SEO, UX and ease of management in mind. I acted as dev lead, and worked closely with another developer and a designer.

Bootstrap,  HTML,  Javascript,  LESS,  PHP,  Responsive,  Wordpress

Meet Ally – Watson Children’s Shelter

This was a really fun project to collaborate on that turned out really great. I was given the script and presented this graphic style to depict it. Some projects are difficult to work on, from the beginning for whatever reason, things just don’t seem to work out. That was not so on this one. Even so, it was difficult to work on because of the subject material. In the end though, it became pretty powerful. Making your client cry when you present your completed project isn’t always a good thing, in this case, it was.

After Effects,  Animation,  Design,  Editing

Who Can Help

Coming up with ways to show this concept, and adding little entertaining visuals made this an extremely fun animation project to work on. I take a lot of pleasure in creating these kinds of videos that not only explain and instruct, but entertain.

I collaborated on this project with a writer, and I designed and animated the visuals.

After Effects,  Animation,  Design,  Editing

Geo Riot : Lost in Translation

Trying to wrap your head around the weird world of international e-commerce, and the problems therein, is definitely hard, and definitely boring. Luckily I work with a great writer, who conceptualized this video, and I contributed the fun part. I designed and animated some pretty abstract concepts, and the result is definitely not boring.

After Effects,  Animation,  Design,  Editing
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